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The best English Teacher in Jaitpur, Badarpur | Avi Pandey

The best English teacher in Jaitpur: Dear English learners, if you are looking for the best English teacher in Jaitpur, Badarpur, or New Delhi, then you can meet Mr. Avi Pandey. He is one of the best English teachers in Jaitpur and Badarpur. He has an institute named “Indian English” which is situated in Jaitpur, Saurabh Vihar.

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Who is Avi Pandey?

As I said before, Avi Pandey is the best English teacher in Jaitpur, Badarpur, and New Delhi. He has been teaching spoken English since 2014, and he has helped thousands of students acquire English naturally. He is a highly experienced teacher and he knows all the possible methods to teach the English language quickly and powerfully. He doesn’t teach English with traditional methods such as translation and grammar drills.

Avi pandey
Avi Pandey

Avi pandey teaches English with a lot of fun entertainment which includes games, role plays, storytelling, and many more. He believes in comprehensible input and compelling reading and listening. He is not only an English teacher but also a trainer, a motivator, and a mentor to many students.

Why is Avi Pandey the best English teacher in Jaitpur, Badarpur?

The answer is the mindset, this is what makes Avi pandey the best English teacher in Jaitpur, Badarpur. He says that a language can only be taught with fun and entertainment because when these two main elements are missing, It’s really hard for a student to learn the English language naturally and effortlessly. Without fun and entertainment enligsh learning becomes boring and dissapointing

Best English teacher in jaitpur

He teaches the English language as if he were not teaching but instead plays the game. he loves to engage the students in different activities so that they can have fun along with learning.

Avi pandey teaches all age groups students (Children to Adults). He teaches basic to advance English from 6 months to 8 months, and most students become fluent within six months.

Where does Avi Pandey teach English?

Avi Pandey at Indian English

Avi Pandey teaches at Indian English Institute which is situated in Jaitpur, Saurabh vihar. Irrespective of what your spoken English level is, Indian English provides you with a powerful spoken English environment that most English speakers are seeking.

A lot of you would be able to understand English but when it comes to speaking you may be falling short of words and sentences. Avi pandey encourages you to speak publically and motivate you to be a better public speaker.

Avi Pandey Indian English

He helps you get rid of translation and mugging up the vocabulary which is the ultimate way to speak perfect English within a short span of time.

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