Tyson asserted that Hulu "stole my life story," despite the fact that he was neither involved in nor paid for the biographical endeavour.

The former heavyweight boxing champion used social media to lambast the streamer over Mike, the show's title character played by Trevante Rhodes

"Hulu is the streaming equivalent of the slave master." "Don't let Hulu deceive you," the post itself added

I disagree with their account of my life. Not 1822, now. It's 2022. They took my life narrative without paying me for it

That day, Tyson also expressed his opinions through a number of tweets, one of which stated, "Hulu stole my tale. As Goliath, they are, and I am David.

This will cause heads to roll. "Hulu's approach of snatching life rights of superstars is egregiously greedy," said a later tweet.

The day before, Tyson asserted on social media that Hulu had made Dana White, president of the UFC, an offer of "millions" to promote the programme

In part, Tyson stated, "He declined because he values friendship and treating people with dignity."