Of meaning in Hindi / Of का मतलब हिंदी में

Of meaning in Hindi: Doston, aaj ke iss post mein hum baat karenge “of” shabd ke Hindi mein arth ke baare mein. “Of” shabd ek preposition hai jo English mein bahut hi common hai. Yeh shabd aksar bahut saare alag-alag situations mein use kiya jata hai. Iske alawa, iss shabd ka Hindi mein bhi kuch alag-alag arth hote hai.

Toh chaliye, shuru karte hai aur dekhte hai “of” shabd ke Hindi mein arth ke baare mein.

“Of” ka Hindi mein arth

“Of” ka sabse common arth hai “का” या “की”। Iss shabd ka Hindi mein arth hota hai “का”, “की”, “के” या “की”। Yeh shabd, possessive case ke baare mein batata hai. Jaise ki,

  • यह किताब मेरी है। (This book is mine.)
  • उसका घर बहुत बड़ा है। (His house is very big.)
  • मेरी मां का नाम सुषमा है। (My mother’s name is Sushma.)

“Of” ka dusra arth hai “के बारे में”। Iss shabd ka Hindi mein arth hota hai “के बारे में”। Yeh shabd, information dene ke liye use kiya jata hai. Jaise ki,

  • यह पुस्तक भारत के इतिहास के बारे में है। (This book is about the history of India.)
  • मैं एक विदेशी देश के बारे में पढ़ रहा हूँ। (I am reading about a foreign country.)

“Of” ka teesra arth hai “से”। Iss shabd ka Hindi mein arth hota hai “से”। Yeh shabd, origin ya source batane ke liye use kiya jata hai. Jaise ki,

  • मेरी नई किताब लंदन से आई है। (My new book came from London.)
  • ये समाचार अमेरिका से आया है। (This news came from America.)

Examples of “of” in Hindi

  • किताब का टोकरी मेरे पास है। (The bag of books is with me.)
  • सोनिया की शादी उसके प्रेमी से हुई। (Sonia’s marriage was with her lover.)
Of meaning in Hindi
  • In Hindi, the word “of” can also be used to show a part of something. For example, “एक दिन का समय” means “a part of the day”.
  • The word “of” can also be used to express a characteristic or quality of something. For instance, “गुरु का आदर्श” means “the ideal of a teacher”.
  • When using “of” to show the time, the word “के” is often used. For example, “सुबह के समय” means “in the morning time”.
  • In some cases, the word “of” can be omitted in Hindi. For instance, “उसके बचपन का स्कूल” can also be expressed as “उसका बचपन का स्कूल”.

More Examples of “of” in Hindi

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  • ये फूल चमकती धूप के बीच में खिलते हैं। (These flowers bloom in the midst of shining sunlight.)
  • वह स्कूल मेरे बचपन का है। (That school is from my childhood.)
  • उसने जमाने के लोगों की तरह व्यवहार नहीं किया। (He didn’t behave like people of that era.)

In conclusion, the word “of” in Hindi can have different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. It can signify possession, give information, or indicate the source of something. These meanings can be expressed in Hindi through words like “का”, “की”, “के”, “की”, “के बारे में”, or “से”. By understanding these different meanings of “of” in Hindi, one can better understand and communicate in both Hindi and English.

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